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Resources, information and promotion ideas for you to use, to promote your business effectively, at
Promotion Tactics
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Gift Basket Business
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Resources, information and promotion ideas for you to use, to promote your business effectively..
Ways & Methods to Promote . . .


Web Advertising, where & how . . .

Whether you're still in the creation stage or you've already built your site, it's time to get the word out & announce you are "open for business". Learn ways to do just that.


* Search Engine and Directory Submission
Start with the major search engines and directories - then carefully select and submit to other search engines targeted towards your product or service.  Once this is complete - start on all the other engines and directories, even if they are smaller. More listings = more hits for your site.

* Reciprocal Linking
Links from sites relating to products or services that are complementary to your own are likely to prove the best source of visitors. Identify sites that are likely to attract the same kind of customer that you are looking for and try to negotiate a reciprocal with them.

* Promo Gear
Gift Basket Business:

Purchase t-shirts and other promotional merchandise. Pass them out to clients and friends. Wear and use them yourself for great affordable advertising.

You may also open your own 'shop', and upload your logo and business name - then order at discounted rates. Besides apparel, you can take your own artwork, content, music or software, and create sellable goods such as books, CD's and more.
click to register & open your own shop for free

* Create a Newsletter
Publishing a regular newsletter will build your website community base and allow for regular site announcements and content of interest to your viewers..

* Apply for Awards
This can be time consuming, but applying for quality awards can definitely give your site exposure and added traffic. As you receive your awards, display them on a dedicated page of your website.

* Online Advertising via Banners
Effective banner advertising is a traffic generator. Click ratios depend on your banner presentation, if you are displaying a lousy looking banner, your click-thrus will be low. Learn all about banners in this section.

* Create a Signature File
Create a signature file and add it to the bottom of every e-mail that you send. As well as your e-mail address and the URL of your website, an effective signature should include a hook - something that will entice the reader to visit your site. Keep your signature brief - aim for 4 to 6 lines, each a maximum of 55 characters wide.

* Issue a Press Release
A well crafted press release will definitely generate good results, especially if your site has something new to offer.

* Create an Affiliate Program
Allow other sites to sell your products. You still fulfill all orders but pay your affiliate a commission on each sale generated. It's not as difficult as you may think. Your potential sales force is the millions of people who have a website and want to make money by referring you to their audience.


* Post To Message Boards, Discussion Lists & Publish Articles

Posting to discussions can be effective. Moderated discussions often produce the best results as they are kept spam free and can attract large, qualified audiences. The moderator will also eliminate any postings that are blatant selling attempts, so make sure your post is of value to the audience and let your signature file do the selling for you.


* Sponsor a Contest
One great method to obtain exposure for your business and develop repeat customers is to sponsor a contest. Contests will drive clicks to your website with every entry and perk an interest in what you provide. Viewers will bookmark your site and return.

* Submit to 'Top Sites'
Submit your site to a variety of Top 100 Sites, which will boost your web site visibility.

* Put Your URL Everywhere
Make sure the URL of your website appears prominently on every piece of paper your business generates including  letterhead, envelopes, business cards, flyers, shipping cartons, labels, invoices, correspondence slips, brochures and catalogs. This is a wonderful source of free publicity.

* Keep Your Content Fresh
It's difficult enough to entice someone to visit your site once, so you need to encourage them to return by regularly updating your content. Keep everything interesting and informative.

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