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Search Engine & Directory Submission . . .

Learn how submitting to Search Engines and Directories will help you promote your business effectively.



Caution Please

There are ways to write your pages for submission to the search engines and  "tricks" that may work to improve their placement temporarily. These include using the "hidden" html tag to display keywords, hiding keywords in the same colored background, repeating meta tags, etc. We feel there is no substitute for doing it the proper way in the first place.

When the search engines find you (and they always do - eventually) you will be severely penalize or even banned from their database.


In Closing... 

Don't lose sleep over this "search engine thing". It's really not humanly impossible to keep track of each engine and their ever-changing methods by yourself. If you're just starting out - use these tips and do some experimenting and follow-up with each search engine you submit to.  When you feel you're ready - try out Webmaster Gold - you'll wonder why you didn't download it sooner.

Rather than to constantly update content pages to accommodate the whims of the search engines - use custom designed doorway pages to increase your site traffic.  Webmaster Gold does these for you.

These basic design points should help to get your site ranked rather high. 


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