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Your Web Site Plan


Take the time to make a plan, before your build your web site. Read the tips below to guide you through this phase.


Before beginning the actual act of creating a website for your business, spend some time determining if you're really ready to open an office or store on the internet.

  • Does this medium help your business accomplish it's objectives?

  • Are you willing to devote the resources needed to maintain the site over time? (Having as much up-to-date information as possible on your site is important for establishing a polished image. This requires constant maintenance of the site.)

While the web is opening up new marketing opportunities
for businesses large and small, it's still just one of the many marketing tools you might use and it might not be right for your business.

If you decide that having a website is right for your business, invest your time in developing a plan. An overall diagram of the layout of your pages and how they link to one another is an important first step. Identify who will maintain the website and how much time-sensitive material to include.

If you plan to use a designer to create your html and graphics, the more time you invest in pre-planning, the faster and more effective the designer can be. Before you select a designer, take the time to review their previous work, comparing costs of both the design and the ongoing revision process. When you meet with her/him, present copies of your logo, photographs, and other literature, as well as your website diagram.

You're probably aware that your website will be viewed not only by your customers, but also by many others such as prospects, suppliers, potential employees, loan officers and web community members around the world. Identify your most important audience and focus your message on them.  Don't try to please everyone–you can't!


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