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ebook conversion

Ebook Conversion
Sell Your Ideas & Info

Work from home and earn a passive income by selling your own Ebook filled with your information, advice and/or ideas.
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Working at home and earning a passive income is something everyone would like to do - but where to start?

The best way to begin is to market your own ideas, advice and/or information. Fill a niche - what do you know best? That is what your Ebook should be about!

We will convert your text content into an Ebook - an Ebook you can sell online and have millions of Internet viewers as your potential customers.

You can sell your Ebook:

- on eBay
- from your web site
- at online bookstores that 'only sell Ebooks'

. . . just to name a few options of where to market your Ebook!

What You Should Know . . .

Your Ebook will be in the .pdf format, which is readable on all platforms with the Acrobat Reader.

Following your Ebook creation, you will have the opportunity to review it. If it requires any changes or minor tweaking - we'll make the changes and then produce the final Ebook.

We can password protect your Ebook. What does this mean to you? This means a password will be required before your Ebook is opened. We can also password protect the Ebook so people who buy your Ebook cannot copy it or print out the content.

If you choose to have any password options, we will give you the passwords once your Ebook is compiled. We can either assign a random password, or you can give us passwords you prefer.

You will want to have your text content in either a MS Word document (.doc) or on a webpage. We can convert from either of these formats. Have ready any photos or specials graphics you want included in your ebook. If you will have hyperlinks within your Ebook - please be sure they have been hard-coded. That means a full link code, such as:

- not -



- - - Once You Place Your Order - - -

After your 'Payment For Conversion' has been made, we will either email or call you to confirm the specifics and details of your Ebook.

The Ebook conversion process may take up to five days. We will email your Ebook file to you and you will save it on your computer. You can then open it and 'save as' and make as many copies as you want. We will retain your original file for a period of one year, then we will delete.

- - - What Does it Cost?  - - -

We accept payment for this service via PayPal only.

Ebook Creation Processing fee is $250.

Content Editing fee is $50.
We will proof read your Ebook information prior to conversion, check spelling, punctuation, spacing, etc, and make necessary corrections.

Cover Page Design & Creation is $50.
If you have your own Ebook cover page already - just send that to us as an attachment via email.

Cover Requirements:

File Type - Either GIF or JPEG format. (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg)
File Size - At least 510 x 680 pixels. Larger file sizes are fine.

Major Changes to Original Content is $75

Let us know. Click here to contact us.

- - - Place Your Order Here - - -

Please fill in the Order form below, and submit. We will then invoice you via PayPal and you will submit the amount due.

We will then contact you to confirm all of the details of your new Ebook content. We will explain how to submit your book pages and photos and/or graphics to us.


O R D E R    F O R M:
The information below will be used for contact and billing purposes only. We do not share your email address, personal information or Ebook content with third parties.
Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Phone Number:
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone   Email
Your Ebook Title:
Your Ebook Author:
Indicate What you are Ordering & Add Up the Total: Ebook Processing Fee - $250
Content Editing - $50
Cover Page Design - $50
Enter Comments Here:
. Click the 'submit' button below once! We will respond promptly. Thank You!
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